Monday, December 7, 2009



Thank you for visiting One Silver Cup, the musical project to celebrate Shel Silverstein through song.

After a particularly lucid reading of a Kabuki comic, inspiration struck. The idea to turn Shel Silverstein poems into songs felt natural. Little j called Dan Adamson (of Dust Bunny Monster fame) and they produced the material before you.

Download One Silver Cup MP3s for free at this site and spread the word to Shel Silverstein lovers everywhere!



PS... if you would like to submit a quality recording to be included in One Silver Cup, please send your MP3(s) and all relevant information here:


Bon Voyager said...

This site rocks, guys! Thanks so much for the free tracks, and for bringing those excellent poems back into action in such a cool way.

Sheila said...

Find and play the song "Tequila Sheila!"